Congratulations to Jacqueline Dasha

We are thrilled to announce Jacqueline Dasha as our Chef de Cuisine at The Restaurant at Meadowood!


Growing up in Camden County, Georgia, Jacqueline Dasha enjoyed cooking dinner for herself and her older sister while her parents often worked in the evenings. This routine soon turned into a passion as she moved to upstate New York to attend culinary school at the Culinary Institute of America at Hyde Park. During her studies, Jacqueline had the opportunity to extern at Blue Hill Stone Barns, working aside Chef Dan Barber and the Michelin-starred team. In 2014, following her graduation, she formally joined the culinary team at Blue Hill, working for an additional two years and garnering an interest in heirloom and locally sourced ingredients.
Following her experience at Blue Hill, Jacqueline spent some time exploring her interest outside of fine dining restaurants and staged at several casual dining restaurants in Nashville. It was following the suggestion from a colleague that she applied to The Restaurant at Meadowood. After a three-day stage, Jacqueline officially moved to California and joined the team as a Line Cook in 2016. After moving up through various kitchen positions at The Restaurant, Jacqueline was promoted to Chef de Cuisine in September of 2019.
On her days off, Jaqueline can be found listening to punk rock, caring for her two rescued kittens, or planning her next travels abroad.