A Letter from Chef Kostow

July 1, 2020


To our community, family, and friends,


After many months we will reopen The Restaurant at Meadowood this evening.


We enter this new stage, humbled, and committed to a new expression of hospitality. We simply don’t know what the world will continue to look like, and what our place will be in it. People have suffered through this time in a multitude of ways; others continue to seek equality and recognition of the basic humanity long denied them…. and we are here, in our corner of the world, farming and preserving and preparing expensive dinners…the pandemic drags on throughout the world, a slow drumbeat of worsening news inundates us, and we prepare to welcome the few who can afford our experience.


I have long tried to reconcile the incongruencies of this position, one that is thrown into even sharper relief in this moment. I return, again, to the fact that beauty has intrinsic value- both in the process of its creation and through the sharing of it- be it in the dining room, or on Instagram, or in a cookbook. There is something aspirational about a group of clear eyed people from different corners of the world, backgrounds, and experiences, working together to create joy and wonder and bring comfort to those who experience it; something inherent in the act and the resulting product that hopefully may serve as a salve in even the most challenging days. The deliberate, mindfulness that happens in environments like this runs counter to some of the selfishness that we have been seeing. We subjugate ourselves in the service of each other and the guest, and we do so, even now, with the fervency of the true believers… Perhaps this can help even a little bit.


I hope that this note serves not as an advertisement to dine, but a brief and likely disjointed explanation of why it might be okay to. Our TRAMily, in the kitchens, on our farm, in the dining room and our offices, are certainly happy to be back and look forward to welcoming you whenever you deem it appropriate to join us.


We will be here.


With Gratitude,

Chef Christopher Kostow