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“It is hard to destroy a cathedral- it is made of large stones and by many people over long periods of time- the mortar, the tissue, is hard to render apart. Fire destroys- plates and buildings, bay wood tables and rows of hung aprons- but the sheer density of what happened there never lived in the physical realm to begin with. It is, was, and will always be about the people who make it possible. We are nothing without them” -an excerpt from post-fire thoughts


As we take our first steps toward the next iteration of The Restaurant at Meadowood, our team will spend parts of the next few months traveling and working in collaboration with a series of restaurants whose approach and perspective have long inspired us. We will use this time to develop the next generation of techniques, to revisit our culture, rebuild the larder lost, and gain inspiration from these restaurants and the cities that they inhabit.


More information will become available for the upcoming one-night dinners in the Series:


October 2021 – The Restaurant at Kato, Los Angeles

November 2021 – The Restaurant at Pujol, Mexico City




The Restaurant at Audrey - Saturday, September 25, 2021 

“Sean Brock has been a longtime friend of The Restaurant at Meadowood and we've had the pleasure of cooking together on many occasions. His perspective, point of view and adoration of his region has been something we have always admired. We look forward to seeing Audrey, his love letter to the American South, come to fruition and are lucky to have the opportunity to cook in this space.” - Chef Christopher Kostow 


Seating is limited. Please email info@audreynashville.com for reservation inquiries and questions.



The Restaurant at Smyth - Tuesday, August 17, 2021 

"We’ve been friends with John and Karen Shields for a long time – so when we set out on “The Restaurant at…” Series, the desire to travel to Chicago to cook with them was immediately expressed. Being the lovely people they are, John and Karen were humble and kind enough to oblige.

The cooking style they pursue at Smyth very closely mirrors what we have long tried to do at The Restaurant at Meadowood; including the focus on their farm, an emphasis of preservation, and distillation of flavors to ensure there is nothing superfluous on the plate. Chicago also holds special sentiment to certain members of the team, as we are originally from Illinois. I began my career in the suburbs of Chicago and have enjoyed returning to cook throughout the years." - Chef Christopher Kostow



The Restaurant at Atomix - Saturday, July 3, 2021 
It was important as we looked to potential collaborators to work with those who are in possession of a great degree of earnestness. Both in our meals at Atomix and our experience cooking with them at The Twelve Days of Christmas, the impression left by Ellia, JP and the Atomix team was that of a real kinship with the spirit of The Restaurant at Meadowood- a shared adoration of products, sense of a tight-knit community, and a humility that is embodied in their cooking. Thank you to the Atomix team for your unwavering hospitality, support and friendship.