meet the TRAMily

In a somewhat far off place, in a fancy restaurant ringed by woods and a small hamlet, reside a group of people who await your presence. Cooks in white prepare food at the first morning's light, butchering animals, preparing broths- beaten to their work only by the farmers, breath visible in the cold of dawn, pulling from the cold ground that day's harvest….ladies of perfect posture await the ringing of phones; servers (the latest to rise) arrive to begin the fastidiousness that marks their temperament- polishing glass and silver and readying the room Barkeeps shape clear ice and prepare drinks like alchemists of old…while in the office a team creates and maintain the form of the whole endeavor. These are the people of The Restaurant at Meadowood. These are people whose love and efforts make up the whole of what we do. We hope that not too many months pass before we see you again.